Our advertising locations have effective daily traffic of up to 108,000 vehicles per day! All of those impressions will build the awareness you need for successful campaigns. Use direct marketing solutions and get noticed by each consumer simply traveling their daily commute as they pass by each Best Buy Signs high impact advertising benches. Each ad helps boost sales promotion.

We have more than 500 bus bench locations throughout the city of Omaha. Our high-resolution graphics are guaranteed to impact the mind, as they are viewed just feet from the consumers in each passing car. Put your message in front of your consumer right in their buying zone and enjoy the benefits of advertising with Omaha’s exclusive bus bench advertising company, Best Buy Signs.

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The cost effectiveness of bus bench advertising is at the top of the pro column. Compared to other forms of advertising, cost per ad is just fractions of a penny on the dollar. Just make sure to buy enough locations and ad time to make a difference.

Street-Level Placement

Bench ads are located at street level, making them ideal advertising mediums for both drivers and pedestrians.

Geographic Targeting

Unlike print or broadcast advertising, bench advertising can be targeted to specific geographic areas. Subsequently, geographic targeting can be used as the basis for targeting business to business or consumer demographics.

Route-Based Repetition

Ads that are located on a stationary bench leverage the power of repetition for people who pass by them one or more times in their daily routine.

24/7 Coverage

Bench ads work for your business around the clock. Combined with multiple ads your business will always be top of mind for potential customers.

To see examples of bus bench ads visit our design gallery. If you want to get started on your bus bench ads, contact us!